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Delivering real ROI has always been the greatest challenge facing technology managers. Merito is focused on solutions and services that realise real business benefits, contributing to top line revenues and bottom line savings. Our expertise and proven results are the key to your business realising your technology investment.
Combing proven best practive and technology to make your Digital Cinemas stay up 99.999%.

The most cost effective way to manage time sensitve critical applications.

Reduce your carbon footprint, save money and demonstrate industry leadership by effectively managing your IT energy consumption.

The quick, easy and low cost way to manage your technology infrastructure from a business perspective.

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint in your Point of Sale environment.
Another win for Traverse MSP Solutions.

Verdiem's Surveyor software helps Foundation Trust optimise PC power usage.

Power savings equivilant to 2,000 homes in first month.

NST Worldwide improves customer service and increases uptime with Traverse for MSPs.

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Automated Linkage of Buiness and IT Services

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